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Mini Lemon Blush

The yellow Chikan Angharka set effortlessly combines elegance and coziness, boasting intricate embroidery and delicate lace trimmings. This ensemble not only enhances your wardrobe but also prioritizes comfort without compromise
Rs 25,700

Mini Zayd

Embrace simplicity and grace with a pastel lemon-colored kurta featuring a subtle self-printed design, perfectly paired with crisp white pants. It’s a combination that radiates effortless style and sophistication.
Rs 14,000

Mini Sage Irish Green

Elevate your style with our short box kurta, adorned with a luxurious reesham embroidered neckline and intricate cutwork details along the hemline. Enhanced with delicate laces, blockprinted accents, and charming dangling tassels, it exudes chic sophistication at its finest.
Rs 12,800

Mini Asad

Indulge in timeless elegance with a sage green embroidered kurta paired with white pants. This classic combination exudes grace and sophistication effortlessly. It’s a refined ensemble that never goes out of style.
Rs 15,000

Mini Misty Grey

The grey shirt, adorned with delicate applique, cutwork, and pearl detailing in light grey and gold tones, is truly exquisite. Crafted from luxurious khadi silk with intricate reesham work, it radiates luxury. Paired with the embroidered dupatta featuring pearl tassels, it adds another layer of elegance to the ensemble.
Rs 17,100

Mini Rayyan

A heavily embroidered grey kurta with white pants—a timeless combo that oozes grace and sophistication.
Rs 16,000

Mini Ethereal Sky Blue

Embark on a journey of elegance and charm with our Chikan ensemble in refreshing ice blue and pink hues. The colored embroidered borders and blockprinted details infuse depth and character, transforming it into a dreamy world where every detail narrates a story of beauty and sophistication.
Rs 28,400

Mini Ismaeel

A kurta crafted from delicate ice blue cotton net, adorned with intricate textured embroidery in subtle blue hues. Paired with straight cotton pants, it creates a festive look that’s both elegant and refined.
Rs 16,000

Mini Rose Water Peach

This ensemble is a perfect blend of timeless elegance and careful attention to detail. The self khadi net, adorned with intricate embroidery, multiple laces, and pastel-colored accents, exudes sophistication.
Rs 16,600

Mini Zain

Embracing elegance through simplicity: A classic white kurta and pants ensemble paired with an embroidered peach waistcoat, creating a timeless blend of sophistication. It’s a look that exudes understated grace and refinement.
Rs 22,000

Mini Frosted Mint

A striking Signature Kalidaar in soft mint hues, complemented by subtle tones of white. The embroidered borders and sleeves, paired with the angrakha cut, bring a touch of elegance, while intricate laces add detailed charm to the ensemble. It's a masterpiece of sophistication and style, combining beauty with intricate craftsmanship
Rs 18,900

Mini Eesa

A pastel mint blue kurta with a self-patterned Irish linen texture. Paired with straight cotton pants, it creates a festive ensemble that’s effortlessly stylish.
Rs 12,000

Mini Lavender Mist

Introducing our exquisite lavender kalidar, meticulously crafted from self-printed khadi net. Adorned with intricate embroideries, block printed borders, and an embellished neckline, it exudes sophistication and elevates elegance to unprecedented heights. Perfect for making a captivating statement at any event.
Rs 20,400

Mini Zyan

Embracing elegance through simplicity: A classic white kurta and pants ensemble paired with an embroidered Lavender waistcoat, creating a timeless blend of sophistication. It’s a look that exudes understated grace and refinement.
Rs 22,000

Mini Beige Elegance

This season's ensemble epitomizes elegance and sophistication with its minimal yet captivating design. The beige matching set on khadi net showcases a unique hemline, introducing a modern twist to the traditional silhouette
Rs 17,600

Mini Omar

A beige cotton kurta with a subtle self-textured design, paired with straight dyed cotton pants. It's a classic, understated look that exudes simplicity and sophistication
Rs 13,000

Mini Mint Chikan Angharka

Dive into elegance and comfort with our Mint Chikan Angharka set. Intricate embroidery meets cozy style, while delicate lace trimmings add a charming allure. Elevate your wardrobe with this perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort
Rs 24,500

Mini Araiz

Refresh your style with a mint kurta paired effortlessly with white pants, a cool and sophisticated ensemble for any occasion
Rs 11,000

Mini Spanish Pink Angharkha

Elegance in every stitch! Our pink Angharka shirt is a canvas of beauty, adorned with floral and geometric borders. Gota borders and pleated organza detailing on sleeves and daman add a touch of finesse. Embrace the artistry and sophistication in every thread
Rs 18,400

Mini Ayaan

Pink kurta paired with white pants, a timeless combination that exudes grace and sophistication.
Rs 9,900

Mini Blizzard Blue

Dreamy pastels meet timeless elegance in our pure khadi net kalidar. Intricate embroidery on the neckline and daman, paired with straight pants and a laced-trimmed chiffon dupatta, create a truly stylish and sophisticated ensemble
Rs 16,400

Mini Yahya

Elegance in simplicity: White kurta and pants paired with a blue waistcoat, a timeless blend of sophistication
Rs 12,000

Mini Peach Pink

Draped in the soft allure of peach, this outfit is a symphony of femininity and charm. Delicate lace details and intricate embroidery elevate the ensemble, ensuring you stand out with an artistic flair. Paired with matching pants, it's a well-balanced and stylish statement
Rs 16,400

Mini Sami

Embrace simplicity and grace with a peach kurta elegantly paired with white pants.
Rs 11,000

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